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To wake up with birds and pleasant sound of water moving in the mighty Siberian river Yenisei in a nomads dwelling – Yurt; to see at once clear blue sky through the flue hole, go out and breath in fresh air full of nature scents; admire grace of horses who run freely in steppe, extend your look further to the infinite space. Then, eyes closed, hear the sound of light steppe wind delivering all music of a nomad’s life, which is sung already under night sky in fire light by a real shaman with tambourine in his hand, who is making mysterious movements… To visit all natural zones at once – starting with tundra, taiga, forest-steppe, steppe and finishing with desert; to see reindeer and ‘ships of the desert’ – camels in one day. To swim in salt lakes in the middle of mighty steppe, heal in curative radon springs – arjaans, where locals as a thousand years ago perform their rites, and much more. Where is this all possible? In Tuva.

There are few places left on Earth, almost untouched civilizations where despite all-embracing steps of globalization, the unique national traditions, habits and rites are still alive. One of these wonderful spots is Tuva (Tyva) republic, located in South Siberia at the border with Mongolia, one of the Russian Federation units where railways still don’t go. Tuva is famous all over the world as the very center, “heart” of Asia because of its geographic location. It is surrounded by Sayan mountains spines on tops of which ice-boxes are even in summer. Tuva nature still is clearly primeval and virgin, wonderfully rich and contrast. The mountains surrounding Tuva helped Tuvan nation preserve their unique traditional nomad culture. Its rich history goes into great antiquity. Tuvan culture is connected and is coexisting for almost three hundred years with equally interesting traditional culture of Russian inhabitants who live at the Yenisei bank singing their songs. This is why here, in the very “heart” of Asia come people from every corner, among them tourists, travelers, adventurers, in one word enthusiasts who love life as it is.

Tuva impresses strangers and travelers at once.

It preserved many archaeological monuments – silent witnesses of old tribes active migrations on Tuva territory. One of them is world famous Scythian period Kurgan from Valley of the Kings “Arjan”. Unique golden jeweleries were found there, which have no analogs in the world. Found treasures and remains of “Tzar” and “Tzaritza” amazed world scientific community, they reversed the notion of Scythian ancestral home.

Here you can listen to mysterious sounds of throat singing – Khoomei – the strongest in the world, brand of Tuva republic, famous by many styles and sub-styles. Here is also a unique opportunity, if you are a heights scaling lover, to climb to the highest spot of Siberia – Mongun-Taiga (“Silver Taiga”) mountain – which Tuvans consider holy and compare to a wise old man. After meeting real shamans you can come and sit in conciliation of Buddhist monastery with sound of lamas – Buddhist monks – singing. You can see real fighters at the national celebration Naadym, which is often visited by world celebrities recently. Finally, to be left alone with yourself, look deep inside and find answers to the most important questions in your life…

Tuva magnifies, Tuva attracts, Tuva heals, Tuva gives hope. Tuva invites you!