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Welcome to Discover Tuva !

This web site is dedicated to travel in the Republic of Tuva, where tourists are likely to be greeted with an even warmer welcome than in most of Eastern Siberia.

We Siberians were born in an unusual part of the world – the Republic of Tuva, in the heart of Asia.

In our spirit we have the respect for nature and for olders as they keep  our culture alive. The same hot blood of brave and wise nomads runs in our veins. Our heart beats with complex and very distinct shaman drum and tuvan throat singning. In our hearts love to our land will never fade.

In our region you will discover the link between visible and the invisible worlds : The Center of Asia obelisk, symbolizing the geographical center of Asia ; Valley of the Kings which is a majour area of interest for archaelogists ; Por-Bajin Fortress ; natural mineral springs Arzhaans;The Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue etc.

Our tiny republic of Tuva is a giant when it comes to mastery of the human voice. This amazing technique of Tuvan throat singing is still a mystery to Western science, singing style of nomadic herders out of Central Asia.

From the vantage point of our culture you can truly see your own, you will understand the significance of keeping your own traditions alive.

Our all-in-one local guides and interpreters will engage at your entire service. All our drivers offer you a great source of local and cultural knowledge even in the impassable places of our region.

We are pleased to be able to offer you experiencing this cultural and ethnic difference. We will help you to create your own private tour that perfectly matches your party’s interest and expectactions.

If you are looking for making an accomondation reservation in hotel or in yurt, transportation reservation, visa support or you just need a help to organise a tour – that is within our competence. We will walk you through that and help you tell a short story by taking your private tour.

Please feel free to contact us for any infomration you may need.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions promptly.