Why Diets Are Failing Us! : And What You Can Do To Get Healthy Now

Why Diets Are Failing Us! : And What You Can Do To Get Healthy Now


Note: We've added an additional 50 pages with 30% more content! Grab your copy today - http: //budurl.com/WhyDiets2ndEdition Peter Greenlaw's revolutionary nutritional technology helped me lose 15 pounds quickly. It has also dramatically improved my athletic performance. I am a believer. Dr. Bill Andrews
Leading Pioneer in Anti-Aging
Led the team that discovered human telomerase in the 1990's "There is no other book that gives step-by-step instructions and discloses the hidden secrets you have been looking for. I urge you to read this book and learn how easy it is to have more energy, better health, more endurance, achieve your weight goal, and look and feel younger than you have ever dreamed possible." John W Anderson
Nutraceutical Research Scientist
Formulator for more than 600 companies, including GNC The enemy is not calories but toxins. "Our world and our food are being polluted with toxins. Really bad things happen to our bodies as a result. Nutritional science is showing us how to remove toxins." Peter shares with you the surprisingly easy way to do this using a safe, fast and sustainable process. More than one million people have transformed their lives already. Now, what about you? This book will tell you: - How toxicity creates Obesogens in our bodies
- How to gain more energy
- How to experience less stress
- How to sleep better
- Why counting calories will not work
- How to safely lose weight fast The result? You will live healthier longer!

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Dennis Harper, Drew Greenlaw, Peter Greenlaw
Paperback | 164 pages
152 x 229 x 9mm | 227g
Publication date
10 Nov 2012
Greenlaw Group
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