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ISBN 10: 1288689926
ISBN 13: 9781288689927

Download A Practical Primer on Geostatistics by Senior Scientist Ricardo A Olea

ISBN 10: 1298050340
ISBN 13: 9781298050342

16 Feb 2015
A S Jayko
Download Impacts of Climate Change on Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada and Western Great Basin by A S Jayko

ISBN 10: 1288775717
ISBN 13: 9781288775712

Download Fate of Spilled Oil in Prince William Sound by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 1288709978
ISBN 13: 9781288709977

Download Investigating Seed Longevity of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata) by Upekala C Wijayratne

ISBN 10: 128874482X
ISBN 13: 9781288744824

Download The Quality of Water and Bottom Material in Lunga Reservoir, Virginia by Russell R Lotspeich

ISBN 10: 1287178529
ISBN 13: 9781287178521

16 May 2013
Donald a Goolsby
Download Occurrence and Transport of Agricultural Chemicals in the Mississippi River Basin, July Through August 1993 by Donald a Goolsby

ISBN 10: 1288777949
ISBN 13: 9781288777945

14 Feb 2013
Keith L Knudsen
Download Quaternary Geology and Liquefaction Susceptibility, San Francisco, California 1 by Keith L Knudsen

ISBN 10: 1288709234
ISBN 13: 9781288709236

Download Research Implementation and Quality Assurance Project Plan by E Terrence Slonecker

ISBN 10: 1298052483
ISBN 13: 9781298052483

16 Feb 2015
R O Rye
Download The Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Jarosite by R O Rye

ISBN 10: 1288679874
ISBN 13: 9781288679874

Download Geologic History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 129705122X
ISBN 13: 9781297051227

16 Feb 2015
R F Meyer
Download Heavy Oil and Natural Bitumen Deposits of Latin America by R F Meyer

ISBN 10: 1296053091
ISBN 13: 9781296053093

16 Feb 2015
Stephen H Kirby
Download The Cascadia Subduction Zone and Related Subduction Systems by Stephen H Kirby

ISBN 10: 1297050940
ISBN 13: 9781297050947

16 Feb 2015
Michele G Bishop
Download Petroleum Systems of the Malay Basin Province, Malaysia by Michele G Bishop

ISBN 10: 1298050820
ISBN 13: 9781298050823

16 Feb 2015
Gerard J Gonthier
Download Summary of Hydrologic Testing of the Floridan Aquifer System at Fort Stewart, Georgia by Gerard J Gonthier

ISBN 10: 1298050472
ISBN 13: 9781298050472

16 Feb 2015
Beth Haley
Download Environmental Assessment for a Marine Geophysical Survey of Parts of the Arctic Ocean, August-September 2010 by Beth Haley

ISBN 10: 1296051056
ISBN 13: 9781296051051

16 Feb 2015
Mary H Carlson
Download A Compilation of Spatial Digital Databases for Selected U.S. Geological Survey Nonfuel Mineral Resource Assessments for Parts of Idaho and Montana by Mary H Carlson

ISBN 10: 1298051762
ISBN 13: 9781298051769

16 Feb 2015
Lisa A Lassner
Download Topographic Surveying Using the Sokkisha Set2 Electronic Total Station with the NEC Mobile Pro 780 Computer by Lisa A Lassner

ISBN 10: 1288758340
ISBN 13: 9781288758340

Download 3m/U.S. Geological Survey/Bureau of Land Management Cooperative Research and Development Agreement by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 1288731906
ISBN 13: 9781288731909

08 Feb 2013
James L Orlando
Download Dissolved Pesticide and Organic Carbon Concentrations Detected in Surface Waters, Northern Central Valley, California, 2001-2002 by James L Orlando

ISBN 10: 1288761201
ISBN 13: 9781288761203

Download Digital Mining Claim Density Map for Federal Lands in Arizona, 1996 by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 1288798253
ISBN 13: 9781288798254

22 Feb 2013
R E Weems
Download Detailed Geologic Sections from Auger Holes in Northeastern Charleston County, South Carolina, East of 79 45' West Longitude by R E Weems

ISBN 10: 1288661959
ISBN 13: 9781288661954

28 Jan 2013
Brian F Atwater
Download Deep-Sea Turbidites as Guides to Holocene Earthquake History at the Cascadia Subduction Zone-Alternative Views for a Seismic-Hazard Workshop by Brian F Atwater

ISBN 10: 1298052858
ISBN 13: 9781298052858

16 Feb 2015
Jeffrey A Coe
Download Geologic Mapping of Tunnels Using Photogrammetry--Camera and Target Positioning by Jeffrey A Coe

ISBN 10: 1296051072
ISBN 13: 9781296051075

16 Feb 2015
G E McKelvey
Download Gold Deposits Along the Rio Madera, Northern Bolivia by G E McKelvey

ISBN 10: 1287201210
ISBN 13: 9781287201212

16 May 2013
Scott F Sibley
Download Overview of Flow Studies for Recycling Metal Commodities in the United States by Scott F Sibley

ISBN 10: 1297051211
ISBN 13: 9781297051210

16 Feb 2015
D S Foster
Download Preliminary Interpretation of the High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy Beneath Lake Michigan by D S Foster

ISBN 10: 1296053326
ISBN 13: 9781296053321

16 Feb 2015
Scott Southworth
Download Geologic Map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Region, Tennessee and North Carolina by Scott Southworth

ISBN 10: 1288799950
ISBN 13: 9781288799954

Download Review of Geotechnical Aspects of the Jordanelle Damsite, Heber, Utah by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 1287184715
ISBN 13: 9781287184713

Download Surviving a Tsunami, Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan by United U S Department of the Interior

ISBN 10: 1288789092
ISBN 13: 9781288789092

19 Feb 2013
R J Newberry
Download The Upper Triassic Greens Creek VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide) Deposit and Woewodski Island VMS Prospects, Southeastern Alaska by R J Newberry

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